Daniel Power’s Power Series Vol. 1

WOW! Nothing more to actually say. If you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you will learn something from this DVD set.

Firstly, which other tutorial DVD comes on 4 DVDs? Here is a lot of info in this set and it is good that Daniel – I can call him that because he has been on my monitor for a very long time – did not try and cram it onto one disc. The last disc is not a video disc but just a CD with all the material and reference material to  help you through the DVD. It is all shot in real time and only the last exercise is sped up but he still narrates as he does each stroke.

Starting from what equipment to use and finishing with a monochrome portrait, what more can you ask for. For every stroke there is an exercise. The set is worth it just for learning the “cut and blend” and Daniel’s own take on the dagger stroke.

If you get only one tutorial DVD, then make it this one. It is not cheap at OZ$99 (from www.airbrushdvd.com) but you get more then your monies worth.