Alternative Iwata side cups

The cups the come stock with the Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS, High Performance HP-SB Plus and Custom Micron CM-SBS are awesome, nobody can deny that. They are easy to clean and it looks amazing. But they are ridiculously expensive.

But there are alternatives. And I must say the alternatives are quite good. I’m talking about the range of cups you get from the Testor’s Aztek range. They offer cups that can turn your side feed into a gravity feed or a suction feed. You have three options to choose from. So now you can have cups with different colours in for quick and painless colour changes but the gravity feed cup, white one below, does not hold paint if it is removed from the airbrush, basic laws of physics. The paint in the grey/black cup will also run out if you fill it past the height of the outlet.

This is the 2.5cc side feed cup. Part no. 9309C
suction_cupGravity feed cup. Part no. 9347C

This is the 1/2oz. bottle for suction feed. Part no. 9319C