Lukas Illu Color – Super White

I am always looking for paints that are more accessible and cheaper. So I stumbled upon the Lukas Illu Color range stocked by Shaun contacted me and quickly organised me the colours I wanted because as luck would have it, it was the colours that was out of stock.

This is the description on their website

  • Pigmented ink for airbrush and calligraphy – master quality.
  • Finest pigmented airbrush colour or ink. Well balanced colour spectrum of 27 shades. Highest lightfastness through use of high quality pigments.
  • Depending on layer thickeness, the inks can be used for anything from glazing to opaque.
  • Colour are intermixable, watersoluble but waterproof on drying.
  • Suitable for all solid, non-chalky, grease free painting surfaces. Smooth surfaces should be primed with Lukas Airbrush Primer.
  • Available in 30ml pipette bottles and 250ml bottles. (only 30ml available in SA)

The bottles are basically the same shape as the Daler Rowney FW bottles. It comes standard with an eye dropper in the lid just like Daler Rowney but the rubbery bit is a very smooth red rubber. It will definitely stand out among the rest of your paint collection. When I received the bottles you could clearly see how the paint has separated. No problem as there are little balls in the bottles that makes mixing it very easy and fast. When I opened the bottle and tried to squirt the paint in the eye dropper out, I realised that the opening was blocked. Not a big issue. I just rinsed it under some warm water and used a pin to open it. Luckily there was almost no paint in the tube that was lost.

I used the same test as I did for my “White Paints” review a few months ago but with the exception that after the initial paint straight out of the bottle” test, I used some medium and water to see if it affects the results.

It is very opaque. It only took 4 passes to cover the writing. But with that it also dries extremely fast. In the test you can see that the nozzle got blocked halfway through the 3rd line and on the 4th it opened up again and gave a spider.

lukas_illu_color_bottle Opacity 4 coats
Tip dry very fast
Ease of cleaning moderately easy
Tapping from container First attempt did not work as opening of eye dropper was blocked. After cleaning it is easy. Just make sure you mix the ink inside the dropper with the rest in the bottle as the pigment drops to the bottom
Availability Could only source from shops in Western Cape
Price (approx) 30ml bottles @ R2.70/ml (excluding shipping)
Personal rating stars_3

So after the standard test, I thinned the paint with Com-art medium and some distilled water. The opacity dropped but so did the tip dry issue. It was really much easier to spray.

This is what I did quickly using an Airsick stencil.



So will I buy more Lukas Illu Color? Probably not the Super white but they do have colours like Van Dyck Brown that other manufacturers don’t have. So yes, I will buy more.