Mini microscope

I got one of these for a friend the last time I ordered some painting supplies from Europe. I thought it was quite nifty and I looked on ebay to see if I could find it there. Lo and behold, there are many suppliers for this. Being the cheapskate that I am, I opted for one with free shipping. There were a few and went for the one that charged me $2.58 for one. It is quite a bit cheaper then the €8.50 from Europe (excl shipping). So I took 2.

Just over a month later and some local taxes and handling fees, the price almost doubled. It came in a well padded envelope but I guess being thrown around for a month takes it toll even on the best padded package. Nothing was broken, just the boxes squashed a bit.

There is not much in the box. It’s just the microscope in a plastic bag inside a pleather pouch. Batteries already installed. No instructions besides the illustration on the box.

This thing is tiny.

The face has the power switch, three LEDs and the lens with a clear spacer with an opening for the light to enter.

The back has the eye-piece and the cap where the batteries go.

The two pieces swivel so that it stands more sturdy and so that you can get the light towards the lens.

The blue light is UV for checking money. But I doubt I will ever use it for that.

The two white LEDs are quite bright and gives really good light on the subject.

To adjust the magnification, you just slide the eye-piece in and out.

It uses three watch like batteries that are already installed. I think replacements will cost more then the whole microscope.

I took this by using my camera in macro mode and hold it against the eye-piece. This is the tip of the needle of my Micron. Oops, I guess it is bent. But it still works 100%. Those white dots are the small dots you can see in all the previous photos.

For the money I spent, I think it was a bargain.