Un-pimp my Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CR-Plus

I’ve got two Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes and I think they are wonderful. One is the Infinity and the other an Evolution. Both are the 0.15mm CR Plus versions. The problem with these guns are that they are just too damn pretty to get dirty, especially the Infinity. So this automatically made the Evolution see more action. But with more action, you get more wear. The gold plating is just a thin coat and will be rubbed off in time. I know the Evolution Silverline is all silver and it looks pretty snazzy but it is nickel and not chrome. But the new Evolution AL Plus has chrome parts. With the order I decided to up the size of the needle and nozzle from 0.15mm to 0.20mm and also drop the cup size to the micro cup.

I went from the stock Evolution here

to this modified one

This is all the parts I replaced. I got it all from EverythingAirbrush.com in the UK.

HS-123730  0.2mm Needle for Evolution, Grafo, Ultra & Infinity
HS-123822  0.2mm Nozzle for Evolution, Grafo, Colani & Infinity
HS-126334  Micro Cup for CRplus
HS-125154  Chrome Lever Device Complete for Evolution ALplus
HS-125104  Chrome Waist for Evolution ALplus