Jakar battery eraser

I’m a sucker for erasers. Always looking for another one that might make the job easier.

Aside from the regular “manual” erasers, I also have a few battery operated ones. When you search for them look for “electric eraser”. Don’t know why because there is no electricity involved.

My other models are the Derwent and Style-Up ones. The Derwent is fitted with a soft eraser and the Style-up with a hard one. Each have their jobs.

But now I got a Jakar one. It is the cheapest one available in South Africa at the moment at R80 (just over $5 as at time of going to print).

It comes in a plain simple blister pack with one eraser fitted and an extra five on the side. No batteries (2x AAA) are included.


It’s a tiny machine and fists nicely in your hand. You activate it by moving the trigger forwards and then down. Two springs supply the resistance for these two movements. I’ve already modified mine so that it only needs to be pressed down. You can see the process here.

There are various ways to hold it and it is up to you to find the perfect one.

Like a pen.

In the hand.jakar_hold_03

Upside down to use thumb to activate the trigger.jakar_hold_02

On its side.jakar_hold_04

The eraser tip/refill just pushes into the head. It goes in straight and stays straight. It’s the same diameter as the Derwent ones but shorter. You can use the Derwent ones but they are too long get flung around by the powerful motor in this machine.

Talking of which. It is really powerful. It has a lot more torque than both my Derwent and Style-up. If only more courser/harder eraser nibs were available I would probably have replaced my Style-up one.

In conclusion. If you can get your hands on one at the bargain price I got mine, get one. they are excellent.