Harder and Steenbeck siphon cup

When you buy an Iwata siphon feed airbrush, you get a bottle with it. It is very impractical because you waste a ton of paint if you keep on putting paint in the bottle and then cleaning it out again. And to buy more bottles are also expensive. But it can work 100% if you use pre-mixed colours and you need to make quick colour changes. Otherwise use the supplied bottle for your cleaning solution.

Badger and Paasche has been making cups for their airbrushes for ages and the work perfectly with the Iwata airbrushes. But they are not the only ones out there. Harder and Steenbeck also makes some. In fact, they are the only one that makes both a left (HS-123483) and right (HS-123443) hand version of the cups.

This is to show how the Harder and Steenbeck cup compares to the other two brands. In this case it is the cup from the Paasche H and an old Badger with the straight tube. Paasche also has one for the VL series that has a lighter bend like the H&S and so does Badger. This comparison is from straightest to the most bent.

sdrCompared to the others the most obvious part is the size. It holds 5ml and is the same design as the gravity cups as found on the Infinity and Evolution. The angle of the paint tube falls between that of the Badger and the Paasche.

davWhen I weighed them the Badger one were the heaviest.

Here you can see the Paasche and Badger cups actually fits inside the the opening of the H&S one.

davIt attaches perfectly to the Iwata HP-BCS with little effort.

Because of the different angles of the tubes, the working angles will also be different.

When it come to cleaning the angles and designs also plays a part.davWith the H&S there is plenty of space to get the head of the airbrush into the cleaning pot.

davWith the Badger as well.

With the Paasche one the foot of the cup makes contact with the pot. But this is also due to the design of the pot.

When cleaning the cup off the gun, the straight tube on the Badger is the easiest to clean. The little cleaning brushes just does not want to bend properly in the other tubes.

The cups does not come with a lid but you can buy them separately. (HS-123464 for chrome and HS-123463 for nickel)

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