Soft Airvalve Springs

Every painter that works all day feels some strain in their trigger finger some time. A few manufacturers offer softer ones so who am I not to join them.

Mine is no different to the other except for the price. I managed to keep cost low because I had many, many, many produced. They are produced in South Africa from stainless steel and by an ISO 9000 accredited spring manufacturer. These will fit all Iwata, Olympos and Chinese knock-offs that work on the same system.

If you are not familiar with soft springs then you can have a look at some of these videos. You can see that they are so soft that they can not even return to their original length if the weight of the airbrush body is resting on them. Don’t worry, the other way around it is only your finger that exercises pressure and there is enough to return the trigger when you let go. The stock spring is way stiffer as you can see.

They are very easy to install as you can see on this page.

They fit Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes as well if you turn the valve nut in just past the first few threads. This not just make the trigger lighter but also makes the trigger perform more like the ones from Iwata. So instead of of a the soft spongy feel, you have a distinctive on-off feel.


These babies are sold in quantities of 5 for US$12 (only US$ at this moment, sorry) and the price includes registered shipping worldwide. Quantities of 10+ will automatically qualify for some discount. Please allow 6 to 10 weeks for delivery (I am in Africa after all). Payment is ONLY through Paypal.

If you are interested, just send an email to and I will be in contact. Please note the time difference to South Africa so please be patient when waiting for my response.