Spitfire model

In 1986 I was 12. For about two years I’ve been building models. It was only the cheap ones and I painted with a cheap brush and enamel paints. It was a pain. But the results were not too bad.

Jump ahead 30 years and I’ve done another on. But this time I have some of the best equipment and paints money can buy. I say some because there are tons of stuff you can get to get things perfect. I did not bother. This was just a filler for between my artwork.

The model on show is a 1:72 scale Spitfire Mk. IXc from Airfix. It’s an old mold so everything does not fit perfect. I tried to fill what I could with glue and then sand it down. Still a lot to learn in this field.

Most paints were from Tamiya’s acrylic line which I will not be using again. The quality is out of this world but it’s a solvent based acrylic which is a pain to clean and it sticks up the place. And I do not have a spray booth so the smell hangs around a bit. The black and white lines were cut using my Silhouette Cameo cutter and painted in with E’tac paint. The weathering wash were done with Schmincke Horadam watercolour paints mixed with E’tac’s Reduce Air medium. This gave is a bit of body but left it still 100% removable. Final clear is Reeves matt crylic varnish.