The Watcher

I’m a Airsick stencils fan. I have quite a few of them and I think they are great value for money. Even to South Africa shipping is free but unfortunately our postal service is up no good so I make use of a parcel forwarding service in New York. So I don’t really get it shipped for free but at least I do get it.

Ever since I saw the step-by-step of The Watcher by John Seaton, I wanted to try it. So when I won a set of stencils from Airsick I chose the ones used in the tutorial.

I used the cheapest skateboard I could find and that was where and why all the hassle start. The wood were in terrible state once the original artwork has been removed. After a heap of filler and lots of sanding I got it to a reasonable state.

I first primed it with a rattle can primer and then black rattle can base. All fine and dandy. All artwork were done with the Marissa range of E’tac paints with a final few coats of rattle can clear. A light sanding with 1200 wet paper and then a nice polish brought out all the colours.